Adult Level 1 Skills Clinics

Are you adult that is new to mountain biking and looking for some help

getting started? Have you been riding for a few years but never had any

skills instruction? Or, do you find yourself riding the same trail in the same

old way? Are you looking for a refresher of the fundamentals? The Level 1

Skills Clinic focuses on the fundamentals and is the perfect place for riders of

ALL abilities to get started! We focus our lessons around the most up to date

BICP teachings. All our instructors have significant riding experience and

professional educational backgrounds. Whether you are new to mountain

biking or a seasoned veteran, our Level 1 Skills Clinic provides the

fundamentals that will put an entirely new spin on your riding! YES, this clinic

is great for beginners, BUT it's truly a foundational clinic that will improve

riders of all levels and experience.

Level 1 Skills Covered in Clinic

Body Positioning

Bike and Body Separation



Bike Dismounts and Remounts

Intro to Cornering

12 rider Maximum per Clinic -Cost per Rider $60.00. Clinics range from 2.5-3

hours in length.


Adult Level 2 Skills Clinics

Want to improve your technical riding skills, descend a little faster and

generally feel more confident on your bike?  The Level 2 Skills Clinic builds

upon the fundamentals in Level 1 which gives you the foundation to build

your mountain bike skills that you can apply to any terrain, in any location,

and in any conditions; be it a gnarly backcountry trail or your local race

course. So, you've come to the right place!  Leave this clinic ready to tackle

rougher terrain and corners, berms, and flowing single-track with greater

speed and control. We will spend time working on drops, bike lifts, switch

backs, and the foundations to jumping to name a few. It's all about the

fundamentals to get you ride how you want to ride! This three-hour Skills

Clinic also looks closely at the key elements of bike control and helps you to

find your specific needs to better your existing foundation and to improve

your trail speed and energy management. This Clinic will help you expand

your riding ability and help you to be a safer rider.

Level 2 Skills Covered in Clinic

Cornering Advanced

Front Wheel Lift

Rear Wheel Lift

English Bunny Hop

Track Stand

Roll Down Lunge


Intro to Drops

12 rider Maximum per Clinic -Cost per Rider $75.00. Clinics range from 2.5-3

hours in length.


Adult Learn to Jump Skills Clinics

Learning how to jump safely and successfully (and land) your mountain bike

involves a range of key components and constantly changing variables.  Join

us   as   we   take   you   through   a   series   of   progressions   that   will   help   you

understand all   the   components   that   will   help   you   become   a   successful

jumper.   We use BICP progressions like the different types of wheel lifts and

bunny   hops   and   work   our   way   up   to   weighting   and   un-weighting   over   a

jump.   From   there,   we   will   review   the   anatomy   of   a   jump,   discuss   varied

landings and practice using compression for height and distance.   Then we

will be ready to get jumping! These Skill Clinics are all done in a controlled

environment, we provide our own approved orange obstacles as training tool

to   emulate   what   you   see   in   the   trails   or   manufactured   jump   ramps.

Participants are encouraged to learn at their own pace in this un-intimidating

environment.  You will leave this clinic well on your way to jumping mastery -

with a more thorough understanding of the mechanics of jumping your bike

and a clear idea of what and how to practice getting your Wheels Up!

Learn to Jump Skills Covered in Clinic

Body Position

Advanced Wheel Lifts

The Stomp

Downward Lunge

Intro to Drops

Jumping (Wedges & Kickers)

No Prerequisite required for the Learn to Jump Clinic (Levels 1 and 2 are


10 Rider Maximum per Clinic - Cost per Rider $90.00. Clinics range from 3 – 3.5

hours in length.


Adult Advanced Skills and Jumping Clinic

We offer Adult and Advanced Skills Clinics. These are classes that require our

Learn to Jump Clinic. We highly recommend but not mandatory to do our

level 1 and 2 Skills Clinics. Want to improve your technical riding skills,

descend a little faster and generally feel more confident on your bike?  You

have come to the right place!  Leave this Advance Skills Clinic ready to

tackle rougher terrain and corners with greater speed and control.  Negotiate

bigger trail obstacles and drops with commitment!  Been riding for few years

and you are enjoying off-road riding or are you the rider with 20 plus years

looking to refine your craft as a seasoned mountain biker, we can help. So,

you can have more fun let us teach you the skills to become the rider you

want to be as well as being safer and a more fundamentally sound rider.

Want to boost that jump, berm, or huck that drop? Our BICP based skill

progressions will give you the technique and confidence to take your riding

to the next level! This is a Clinic that we do recommend body armor but do

not require it. Get ready to shred.

Advanced Skills and Jumping Clinic  Skills Covered in Clinic

Advanced Wheel Lifts


Bunny Hops (English and American)




North Shore Dismounts

Prerequisite required is the Learn to Jump Clinic. Levels 1 & 2 are Highly

Recommended! Special Waiver is required for this Clinic. Body Armor is


6 Rider Maximum per Clinic - Cost per Rider $120.00. Clinics range from 3.5-4 hours

in length.


Cancellation Policy

We do our clinics outdoors, and in the event of weather conditions that

create an unsafe situation or prevent us from providing the Clinic or Ride we

may have to cancel and will reschedule. We take pride in our safety will

cancel and reschedule clinics due to extreme heat or inclement weather. In

the event of a cancellation due to heat or other inclement weather our

refunds will be credited toward another comparable style clinic that is


We choose to work with Register Up 4 for all our processing event needs.

Fees Related to registration must refer to our partners over at


Skills Clinics and Other Special Events

1. If a  cancellation  is made prior to the registration deadline, a refund will be

given, less a processing fee. If no registration deadline exists for an event,

then 24 hours prior to start of event.

2. If a  cancellation  is made after the registration deadline or within 24 hours

of the start of the event, a credit for future programs/reservations will be

given for 1/2 of the fee paid. Once a program starts no refund or credit will

be given unless a medical statement substantiates the injury or illness.

3. No credits, refunds or make-up classes will be issued for programs missed

due to personal reasons.

4. A refund or credit will be granted when medical illnesses/injuries are

substantiated by a doctor’s note.

5. Full refunds are made if a program is canceled by Parks and Recreation.

6. When working with Parks Departments Registrations. We refer to the Parks

Departments Registration Policy. You may have to go to the Parks

Department and contact them per Parks Departments Cancellation Policy.

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Edin Pehilj recommends Wheels Up: "I highly recommend Cody's clinics. I have done three different clinics with him and have learned something new in every one of them. Each exercise builds upon the previous one, so you never feel like you are in-over-your-head. At the beginning of the jump clinic the thought of launching myself off a ramp seemed intimidating, but at the end of the class I was like, let me do this just one more time. You will be a better & more confident rider after his clinics."     


Michael Putnam recommends Wheels Up: "Great experience - I definitely learned some new skills today. Cody is a great instructor - he helps you put all of the pieces together in order to make good choices out on the trails. Time and money well spent."     


Becky Bircher recommends Wheels Up: "I recently took a Learn to Jump class with Cody and LOVED it! He took the time to teach the 3 most important fundamentals, the right positions to prep for features, and he corrected my mistakes immediately. Cody is a great teacher and coach. I'm looking forward to more classes to take and I highly recommend his courses to anyone, beginner to experienced."     


Jay Marbarger recommends Wheels Up: "Cody’s clinics are awesome! He’s extremely down to earth and coach’s in a manner that allows riders to build confidence and progress. Everyone leaves as a better rider having learned something in all while doing so in a fun and supportive environment."     


Christopher Paul recommends Wheels Up: "I loved the course the coach was amazing.  He was able to teach skils very quickly by breaking things down into easily digestible portions.  The jumps were a bit intimidating but by the time we got to them we had worked enough that they were just fun."     

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