Youth Specific Clinics / Rides

Our Youth camps are tailored out of the foundation of BICP based skills and lessons. We specifically cater our lessons to be safe while pushing skill progressions to help each rider achieve the soundest fundamental riding base. We offer different level rides to accommodate from a 1st time off-road rider to an experienced advanced skill clinics. We ride bikes, have a blast, learn bike-handling skills, and most importantly learn to be safe on a bike! Click here for calendar and more information...






"Get girls on bikes!! Cody did an amazing job with my two daughters. They were a little nervous going in, but ended up absolutely loving the clinic. There are WAY too few girls learning to ride. Get them to a Wheels Up clinic and don't let the boys have all of the fun. You won't regret it! We are already looking forward to the next chance to get them into one of Cody's clinics."

Nathan Rau


"My son had a great time at the Wheels Up introductory class. Cody does a great job stressing safety from the complimentary bike inspection/light tune up to his thorough explanations of trail etiquette and his heavy emphasis on progression "no sending required". His teaching skill-set is wide and it shows, he has a great ability to boil down complicated techniques into relatively simple concise steps that even a very new rider can digest and replicate. This gives the rider's a clear path to continue their progression during and after the clinic has ended. We will definitely be coming back for future clinics!"

T.J. Tobler


"Wheels up has been a great experience for my 10 year old. He has learned so much about biking and really improved his skills from attending camps. My son has more confidence in his riding. The coaches are knowlegable in helping riders at any skill level."

Danielle Tritt



Adult Specific Clinics

We offer Adult and Advanced Rider Classes. If you’re looking to get a great start into off-road riding or looking to refine your craft as a seasoned mountain biker we can help. Riding a bike is some of the most fun you can have! Like being a kid again. Let us teach you the skills to become a safe and fundamentally sound rider. Want to hit that jump or huck that drop? Our BICP based skill progressions will give you the technique and confidence to take your riding to the next level! Click here for calendar and more information...






"A day behind but never too late to share a positive experience! I was super fortunate to go through the level 2 skills clinic yesterday with Cody Jones and I am so glad I did. I really lucked out in my opinion as it was a smaller class setting which allowed Cody to really hone in our our weaker riding areas. I’ve always been comfortable on my bike but after taking the class and focusing on my bike-body separation, it truly opened my eyes to how smooth and balanced I can be! Cody, Jeff and the entire Wheels Up team love doing what they do and have a ton of experience to offer. I plan on taking more classes and I would recommend to anyone that they do the same! You won’t regret it. Thanks Wheels Up!"

Josh Connors


"Spent several hours with Cody today and I could not be happier. His patience and knowledge are top notch. The obvious passion for mountain biking along his ability to share that passion in a safe and fun way are unbelievable. I will be back for more clinics and lessons for myself and my kids."

Phil Balsamo


"If you equate reading to mountain bikes skills, Cody from Wheels Up does

a great job of teaching you the alphabet, so that when its time to

comprehend what you may do naturally because of experience you have

a firm set of building blocks to improve you riding.

Bottom line.... Everyone who attended is better for it."

Aaron A Apel




Special Events and Offerings

Here at Wheels Up we offer many special requests to help give you exactly what you want. Private Lessons, Birthday Parties, Small Group Lessons (Invite Only), Custom Suspension Tuning Classes among others. Please let us know what type of bike skills event you are interested in putting together. Click here for calendar and more information...


Wheels Up Clinics


Clinics and private lessons are separated into 3 Levels. Below is a basic breakdown of what skills that are covered in each level. Each level requires approval from Instructors to participate in the next corresponding level. Each Clinic / Event can have variances depending on the location and participants in attendance. We will do our best to make sure all participants are challenged by the content given in each level. Please make sure to have your bike in good working order prior to the event. If you do have a bike issue, please check out the Sponsors Portion at the top of the home page. We are affiliated with many great shops in your area that can help you get your bike prepared for the trails. Make sure to have your bike set up with platform pedals and wear flat-soled shoes. Helmets are required! We also recommend gloves, eye protection, and body armor to help protect from injury.




















Day of Arrival


Upon arrival at our clinic, our Wheels Up staff will meet and greet all riders and guardians. We will confirm all documents and pickup arrangements are handled. Instructors will perform Safety Checks on Bikes, Helmets, and Riding Gear. As a group we will cover trail and group safety before we go for a short warm up ride. We will cover our 10 Fundamental Elements and then go into our Bike and Body Separation Skills in our Controlled Skills Course. We will establish a baseline for the rider’s skills and abilities. The instructors will host evaluations to properly place campers into groups based on ability level and age. Groups will work on skills that are level appropriate and use progressions of the challenge each and every rider. After the Controlled Skill Course we will head out to the trails for some TRAIL TIME and Shred the trails with our new skills. Each day of camp we review our fundamentals and work in groups to enhance each of the given skills of the day. We also offer time during the camps to show basic mechanical repairs, general bike maintenance, bike related games, hiking to check out trails and other activities to help your riders achieve their goals on a bike. Most importantly we ride our bike and have a blast! At the end of each clinic we offer written checklist for each rider of skills that they achieved. We give each rider a recommendation on the next skills and clinics to advance their riding to the next level! Wheels Up instructors take great pride in the helping educate and provide the tools for our riders to be as good as they want to be.


Weekly Rides


- Ages of riders for Kids events 8-16 or 24inch wheel or greater in size.

Weekly Ride Descriptions covered in ALL RIDES!


• 2 Hour Ride Sessions • All Rides Incorporate the following • -Trail Safety and Trail Etiquette • -10 Core Cycling Fundamentals • -Group Riding Strategies Periodically we will change locations for certain dates! Check the Calendar and Facebook for Updates!


Mighty Monster Mondays

- 1st Timers with Wheels Up - Newer and Beginners riders - Flat to Rolling Terrain


Wheels Up Wednesday

- Intermediate Riders (Approval from Instructors) - Rolling with Moderate Hills


Table Top Thursdays

- Various Locations- in St. Charles County - Beginners to Intermediate riders depending on location. - Calendar and Facebook updates


Pay Per Rider

- $20 cash day of ride -$25 CC, PayPal, Venmo, & Apple Pay available for payment.



What to Bring to a Clinic or a Ride


Required for Clinic and Group Rides

Mountain bike that has been tuned up and ready to ride. We ask that riders be on a minimum size of 24inch wheel or larger for Wheels Up Clinic and Rides. We do recommend geared bikes and hand style brakes. We do offer “ I Don’t Need No Training Wheels Rides” which is for any child that is between (off training wheels to 20inch wheel bikes) These are specific rides for the younger crowd. We do not require front suspension, but it is recommended. For safety reasons bicycles with coaster brakes will not be allowed in Wheels Up Clinics. Day of Event Requirements Clinics and Rides Waivers and all paper work for camp Helmet (1 -2) Waters bottles (Carried on the bike via a water bottle cage) or Hydration Backpack Lunch and healthy snack - ( ONLY FOR CLINICS)


Suggested items to bring to Clinic and Group Rides

Gloves Bike shorts Sunscreen Bug Repellant Sun Glasses or Protective Eye Ware PLEASE make sure that every rider has eaten before coming to clinic. We all know a hungry rider that should eat a snicker’s! Or a health snack will work as well!


Post Clinic and Ride suggestions!

Pro Tips! - Like a clean car! Bring a towel, change of clothes, and plastic bag. Mountain bikers tend to get dirty on every ride, especially if they find puddles or it gets a little wet out! The riders can be hungry after a good Clinic or Ride, bring and a snack till your able to get reinforcements!


Cancellation Policy

We do our clinics outdoors, and in the event of weather conditions that create an unsafe situation or prevent us from providing the Clinic or Ride we may have to cancel and will reschedule. We take pride in our safety will cancel and reschedule clinics due to extreme heat. In the event of a cancellation due to heat or other inclement weather our refunds will be credited toward another comparable style clinic that is available.



Level 1 Skills Clinic

Body Positioning Bike and Body Separation



Pedal Position

Front Wheel Lifts

Intro to Cornering

Basic Trail Group Riding


- 20 rider Maximum per Clinic -Cost per Rider $40 - 3 Hour Clinic - Snack and Drink Provided


Level 2 Skills Clinic

Line Choice


Level Lift

Rear Wheel Lift

Track Stand Dismounts & Remounts

Roll Down



Intro to Drops


- Must Complete and be approved for level 2 - 12 Rider Maximum per Clinic - Cost per Rider $45 - 3 Hour Clinic - Snack and Drink Provided


Level 3 Skills Clinic

Advanced Cornering

Advanced Wheel Lifts

Line Choice






- Must Complete and be approved for level 3 - 8 Rider Maximum per Clinic - Cost per Rider $60 - 4 Hour Clinic - Snack and Drink Provided

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