We, at Wheels Up, are committed to the up most excellence in mountain bike instruction. Collectively, as a team we represent 50 years of professional classroom experience combined with a staggering 70 years of riding experience among our 3 instructors. We also have 30 years of bicycle industry experience in bicycle mechanics. With certifications in CPR, First Aid, Guide Instruction, Mountain bike techniques, Coaching, and Bike Instructor Certification Program (BICP). We provide the safest events with the most up to date education for each and every rider. We have been helping riders get their Wheels Up since 2008. We have the background to provide clear, precise instruction to help riders of all abilities accomplish their personal goals.

CODY’S BIO: Growing up right down the road from Castlewood State Park created the start to my life long journey with mountain biking. If only I could have realized that as a nine-year-old. I thrived on riding my bike down the trails, jumping off and over everything! Going from a rider to a racer. Then an all-around bike destroyer I ended up working at Ballwin Cycles part time to feed my biking problem. Which then ended up covering a fifteen-year span of my life. While becoming the shop Manager in college I received two separate degree’s in Photography and Art Education (K-12). That has since led me to work in many facets of education. Working for UMSL, Rockwood, and Parkway School Districts. Meanwhile I spent time as a private tutor to children with autism in communication and art skills. Over all these years I have managed to keep myself in the cycling industry and education simultaneously. I have invested years of my life into becoming all things cycling. In my professional cycling career, I have been the one day a week part timer, full time mechanic, buyer, store manager, and all things related to a bicycle retailer.

After leaving Ballwin Cycles I worked as an outside sales rep for Niner Bikes covering eight states. Recently I started my own outside sales company ECHO Representation and sell brands which include; Serfas, Benno, bluerub skincare and RockyMounts. Included in my professional cycling experience I have eight years of mountain bike coaching, training, and skills instruction. I have also completed the Level 2 IMBA, Bicycle Instructor Certification Program. Included in the program is CPR and First Aid certifications. On top of a decade worth of bike racing in multiple disciplines and curiosity to basically ride any type of bike that has two wheels. Specifically, I like any riding that has to do with getting my “Wheels Up” off the ground! With all that being said, my love for cycling, learning, and teaching drives what we do here at Wheels Up. Who knows what my life would be like now if Wheels Up was around when I was a kid.

Fairway Elementary School in 2007. This camp after 12 years and 100’s of students later would eventually become Wheels Up as you know it today. Jeff is dedicated to inspiring children to find a life-long passion in physical health and an appreciation for the outdoors through the fun and exciting sport of mountain biking. Throughout his career as an educator he has earned a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, is currently CPR certified, and is CPI-NCI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention certified.

JEFF'S BIO: Jeff is a natural teacher with over 29 years of experience as a Physical Education/Health teacher in the Rockwood and Parkway school districts. After more than three decades of mountain bike racing around the country and working as a bike mechanic in a few shops, Jeff still competes as a Cat 1/Marathon/Enduro racer. He can be found year-round traveling throughout Missouri, Northwest Arkansas, and Colorado seeking the latest and greatest trails. His love for mountain biking and natural skills as an expert teacher were combined in 1991 when he formed his first mountain bike club, the Parkway Wheels West Mountain Bikers. Shortly after, this became a family affair when his three children adopted his passion for the sport and were mountain biking by the age of 4, eventually with one child becoming the Missouri State Champion in the 16 year old age group. Jeff wanted to continue to share his passion for mountain biking and formed the first summer mountain bike camp at

TRACY'S BIO: Sixteen years ago I got my first taste of mountain biking while trying to impress a boy and stay unharmed on my loaned mountain bike.  While I got the boy, I wouldn't say that I stayed unharmed for long.  But like true adventurer, that thrill of new obstacles, challenges, and trails turned that weariness into a love for the sport.  Nowadays, I spend most of my time teaching, and chasing after my boys while trying to fit exercise into whatever time I might get.  So trail riding is a pure pleasure when given the chance.  I have my Masters in Education in Library Media Science and have been teaching in an elementary classroom or library for the last 15 years.  Three years ago, I started a Girls on the Run group at my school and have been the head coach for the last three years. This experience has taught me so much about being a coach and how it can be different from being a teacher.  I am currently certified in CPR and Non-violent Crisis Intervention.  I love sharing my passions of biking and running with others and hope to inspire others to find an enduring, deep-rooted passion as well.



I'm a race promoter in the St. Louis area and had Wheels Up come do a kids & adult MTB Camp before one of my races. Cody did such a great job on communicating with the adults and kids on their own own personal level of riding skills that everyone enjoyed the experience.

Matt Johnson


I am second generation bike shop owner. I have been around the industry for most of my life and hands down what Cody Jones and the rest of wheels up teaches is the most professional and relevant to mountain biking and trail culture. I definitely recommend the level 1 class for anyone looking to enjoy the trails a little more.

Brad Dickneite

BnC Bikes

Mt.Vernon, IL


Two thumbs up to Cody and the gang at Wheels Up! Cody traveled down to Cape Girardeau to host two camps back to back on the coldest day of the year. These clinics were a successful prelude to the Night Race that was put on by the Team Noah Foundation and CYCLEWERX. On behalf of both groups, thank you Cody for your time dedicated towards helping the youth develop practical skills on mountain bikes. We look forward to having you down in the Spring!

Aron Arnzen



I've been in the St. Louis bicycle business for 40 years and I've been mountain biking for 39 years. Jeff, Cody and the Wheels Up program have done more to introduce young people into the sport than anyone I've ever seen. This program could do more for your child than any "club sport" would ever hope to. Cycling not only builds physical strength, but independence and self reliability as well. Also cycling is a LIFETIME activity that your child can participate in well into their twilight years!

Thanks Guys

Mark Laytham

Ballwin Cycles


Cody did such an amazing job with kids of all ages in Warsaw yesterday. He was so patient with my 6 year old that loves to talk and has no fear, taught basics to my 9 year old in a way that has pushed his desire to keep learning that much more, and even had some amazing pointers for my 34 year old husband in improving his techniques and skill building. 100% can’t wait until the next session!

Chelsea Barnes Casteel


Great way to learn and/or hone your MTB skills. Cody is a an excellent facilitator and instructor! Cody is great at explaining the various skills and why/when they are helpful. Cody follows up verbal instruction with demonstration of skills. Great at building confidence in advancing your current skill level to the next level.

Dan Mogus

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