Wheels Up Cyclewerx Kids Clinics

March 26th, April 30th & May 28th 2020

Wheels Up Bike Center Skills Clinic

March 29th 2020

Wheels Up Cyclewerx Adult Level 1 Skills Clinic

April 16th 2020

Greensfelder Challenge

May 3rd 2020

Cyclewerx All Day Bike Day! And Kids Clinic!

May 9th 2020

Wild Things Summer Camp

May 26th - 29th 2020

Advanced Afternoons with Cody

 June 1st - 15th 2020

Wheels Up Jefferson City Summer Camp

 July 6-10 2020

Miner Tough Weekend:

Run The Leadbelt and Leadbelt XC

July 11th and 12th 2020

Wheels UP ICC Challenge Skills Clinic ADULT/ YOUTH & Obstacle Race Challenge

August 22nd 2020

ICC Challenge

August 23rd 2020

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