Youth Camps Cancellation


Camp refund  policy  will be as follows:

1.  Cancellations  will be given a household credit to be used for future


2. A Wheels Up $20 processing fee will be processed per week, per child for

every credit issued.

3. All camp credits must be requested two weeks prior to the first day of the


4. If a  cancellation  is made after the registration deadline, a credit will be

given for 1/2 of the fee paid.  If no registration deadline exists for an event,

then 24 hours prior to start of event.

5. Once a program starts no refund or credit will given unless a medical

statement substantiates the injury or illness. Refund will be based off days or

time missed at 1/2 a day rate.

6. Camp transfers: After registration deadline a $10 transfer fee will be

processed per week, per child.

7.  When working with Parks Departments Registrations. We refer to the Parks

Departments Registration Policy. You may have to go to the Parks

Department and contact them per Parks Departments Cancellation Policy

Youth Programing Youth Level 1 Skills Clinics (Basic Bike Skills for ALL) We recognize that kids learn differently than adults, so over 13 years we have developed a kid-friendly,fun and engaging curriculum that covers the key foundational skills that every young mountain bikershould learn. Through games, drills, skills progressions, and trail riding, your kid will leave with a newlevel of confidence on their bike and more tools in their riding toolbox. Keep in mind, this is not a groupride or a babysitting session.  Wheels UP, is focused on skills development. Each skill is taught in astep-by-step manner with each skill building off the one before allowing kids to progress at their ownpace with the encouragement of certified Wheels Up instructors and other young riders.  All our instructorshave significant riding experience and professional educational backgrounds. All our instructors currentlyhold positions in local school districts and are background checked. These clinics lead into our group ridesthat we provide and what better way to inspire young riders than surrounded by a group of their peers!Level 1 Skills Covered in ClinicBody PositioningBike and Body SeparationShiftingBrakingBike Dismounts and RemountsIntro to Cornering - 20 rider Maximum per Clinic -Cost per Rider $45.00. Clinics range from 2.5-3 hours in length.  Youth Level 2 Skills Clinics (Intermediate MTB Skills) Just like in Level 1, in level 2 we recognize that kids learn differently than adults, so over 12 years wehave developed a kid-friendly, fun and engaging curriculum that covers intermediate foundational skillsthat every young mountain biker should learn.  Through in level 2 the games, drills, skills progressions,and trail riding will take your kid to the next level!  Keep in mind, you must pass level 1 to attend this theLevel 2 Skills Clinic. Wheels UP, is focused on skills development, and the safety aspect to help progressiveyour rider’s skills. In this step-by-step manner we focus on each individual ability. With the encouragement ofcertified Wheels Up instructors and the other young riders we have a great time learning.  We will spend timeworking on drops, bike lifts, switch backs, and the foundations to jumping to name a few. It's all about thefundamentals and safety that gets you ride how you want to ride! Level 2 Skills Covered in ClinicCornering AdvancedFront Wheel LiftRear Wheel LiftEnglish Bunny HopTrack StandRoll Down LungeSwitchbacksIntro to Drops Must Complete Level 1 and or be approved for level 2 Skills Clinic12 Rider Maximum per Clinic - Cost per Rider $60.00. Clinics range from 2.5-3 hours in length  Level 3 Skills Clinic (Learn to Jump and Advanced Skills) Learning how to jump safely and successfully (and land) your mountain bike involves a range of key componentsand constantly changing variables.  Join us as we take you through a series of progressions that will help youunderstand all the components that will help you become a successful jumper and avid rider.  We use BICPprogressions like the different types of wheel lifts and bunny hops and work our way up to weighting and un-weightingover a jump.  From there, we will review the anatomy of a jump, discuss varied landings and practice usingcompression for height and distance.  These Skill Clinics are all done in a controlled environment, we provide our ownapproved orange obstacles as training tool to emulate what you see in the trails or manufactured jump ramps. Participantsare encouraged to learn at their own pace in this un-intimidating environment.  You will leave this clinic well on your way tojumping mastery - with a more thorough understanding of the mechanics of jumping and overall bike handling. Looking tohave a clear idea of what and how to practice getting your Wheels Up! Level 3 Skills Covered in ClinicAdvanced CorneringAdvanced Wheel LiftsPumpingJumpingManualsDrops Must Complete Level 1 and 2 and or be approved for level 38 Rider Maximum per Clinic - Cost per Rider $75.00. Clinics range from 3-4 hours in length.







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Corey Tobias recommends Wheels Up: "Cody has done a great job with my son, working with him to complete the transition from BMX racing to MTB racing. His ability to break down the skills and understand how each kid learns is excellent. I highly recommend his services."     


Nathan Rau recommends Wheels Up: "Get girls on bikes!! Cody did an amazing job with my two daughters. They were a little nervous going in, but ended up absolutely loving the clinic. There are WAY too few girls learning to ride. Get them to a Wheels Up clinic and don't let the boys have all of the fun. You won't regret it! We are already looking forward to the next chance to get them into one of Cody's clinics."     


T.j. Tobler recommends Wheels Up: "My son had a great time at the Wheels Up introductory class.  Cody does a great job stressing safety from the complimentary bike inspection/light tune up to his thorough explanations of trail etiquette and his heavy emphasis on progression "no sending required". His teaching skill-set is wide and it shows, he has a great ability to boil down complicated techniques into relatively simple concise steps that even a very new rider can digest and replicate. This gives the rider's a clear path to continue their progression during and after the clinic has ended.  We will definitely be coming back for future clinics!"     


Danielle Tritt recommends Wheels Up: "Wheels up has been a great experience for my 10 year old. He has learned so much about biking and really improved his skills from attending camps. My son has more confidence in his riding. The coaches are knowlegable in helping riders at any skill level."     


Sarah Hyland recommends Wheels Up: "Cody ran an after school program with my sons school district and my son loved it so much he decided to try Wheels Up. Cody has been absolutely amazing and very patient. Cody is very passionate about Mountain biking, teaching kids the rules of the trails and the skills to be successful. Thank you for everything we will see you soon"     



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